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Hi all, it's Quin here.

The face behind this website, serving as 2021 committee member for social media and marketing and assistant-secretary and while most of my time is dedicated to my Honours Thesis and raising my two boys, I do my best to help around the club where I can and when I can.

As this website continues to develop please get in touch with me for any feedback and suggestions.

Please note that my aim with this website is to make it as streamlined and tidy as possible while balancing out the needs of all five of our teams, our club in its entirety, as well as our 1907 club and our sponsors. As such, this website is as much a landing spot for those who want to know more about our club, as well as for players and supporters, and additionally a business site so finding the right balance is a tall task as I cannot make absolutely everyone happy however, hopefully I'm doing a decent enough job so far.

With the new addition of our members page, group and file-share pages I hope that this helps us to connect over the website and create a social community space for sharing within our Kookas Groups.

I encourage everyone to have fun with their profile on here and share highlights, achievements and photos as you wish, know that members within groups must be invited or request permission so that we can maintain some level of privacy and only have appropriate members in appropriate groups.

E.g. Juniors parents, staff and volunteers in the Juniors Group.



Jaquinta Nickle
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