With the Kenilworth Football Club being one of the oldest clubs in South Australia to stand the test of time, it is a club that has been part of and witness to the importance of community sport and group connection. 

Time has revealed that strong communities are ones that offer a range of sport and recreation to help individuals build themselves and grow throughout ages. Not only this but, studies have shown that the better-connected individuals are to the community by way of sport and recreation the stronger social bonds are and safer communities are too which makes for a happy environment to live, play and work in.

As such, Kenilworth remains a strong advocate for bringing football to the community and for ensuring access across all ages, genders and capabilities as seen with our diverse range of teams.

In considering the importance of community, sponsors play a significant role in bridging business to football as they ensure we have a greater ability in providing the best to our players, coaches, workers, volunteers, and supporters thus making for a positive football environment in which we are always grateful.

And so, to all those who sponsor our players, our teams and our club throughout the season, we are thankful.

Together, our sponsors join the home of the Kookas and help us in building our philosophy:

'One Club, One Family'


-Kenilworth Football Club Committee





If you, or someone you know, might be interested in being added to our sponsors' list please contact:

Michael Richter 0477 699 446

John Schulz 0412 587 551

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