'It's a Grand Old Flag'

It's a Grand old flag, It's a high-flying flag

It's the emblem for me and for you

It's the emblem of the team we love

The team of the Chocolate and Blue

Every heart beats true for the Chocolate and Blue

As we sing this song to you, what do we sing?

Should old acquaintance be forgot

Oh, keep your eye on the Chocolate and Blue!


Like every other athlete and sporting club that has ever existed, we want to win every football game and win every premiership. Like everyone else, we thirst for the win, however, for us winning extends beyond the football field, beyond trophies. For us, winning is a measure of effort we put in as individuals and as a collective. Winning is about the achievements we make both on and off the field. Winning is about learning and growing from any losses we make and building ourselves stronger to claim future wins.


With our heritage dating back over one hundred years, Kenilworth is winning as a Football club that has stood the test of time. A club which has always looked for ways to grow and develop, has always looked into the face of challenge with determination and has always stood up against adversity and defied those who think us underdogs. Time and again we have shown our strength and our worth. Time and again we have shown that not every game needs to be won to have a winning spirit, that the way we lose is just as important. We know that losing is part of the territory, it's a risk worth taking in order to improve and a risk worth taking in order to win.


Over time Kenilworth has been home to thousands of players and their families, supporters and volunteers who have all helped us to expand as a club and as a family. Having such a commitment from an extensive range of people has us winning.


As football is not an individual sport, it is a team sport and with our club now being home to a diverse range of teams from juniors to seniors, masters and inclusive and with males and females representing the chocolate and blue, our philosophy takes a 'One Club, One Family' approach. Time has shown us the importance of banding together as a club, connected through the faces of many, represented by all teams and those who band around us. Time has shown that together, we are stronger.

As such, when our teams take to the ground, they go with the support of everyone here at Kenilworth, a part of

'One Club, One Family,'



Having been officially founded in 1907, Kenilworth Football Club is over 100 years old and is proud to be the second oldest club in the SAAFL.

Our history is testament to our commitment to the game of footy and our tenacity for hard work against the odds.


1906- June 22nd, earliest recorded game against Purveyors of Soft Goods

1907- Club officially founded, played against the Royal Association

1911- Won the Premiership in the Uniting Church Association

1924- Joined SAAFL

1925- Played Grand Final

1928- Played Grand Final

1927- A1 Premiership

1930- A1 Premiership

1931- B Grade Won the A3 flag

1938- Relegation from A1 to A2

1939- Won the A2 flag, bringing the club back to A1

1940- World War II impacted the world of Football, bringing the much-loved game to a halt throughout the country for the better part of a decade

Post-war- Kenilworth remained in A1 until the 1960s but was unable to challenge for another A1 flag

1981- the A3 flag was brought home

1986- Merger between Colonel Light Gardens, forming the Kenilworth-Colonel Light club

1989- Kenilworth-Colonel Light bring home the A4 flag

1990s- Kenilworth and Colonel Light disband and re-emerge as separate clubs

  • Kenilworth relocates to St Mary’s Park, formerly known as Panther Park prior to the South Adelaide Football Club vacating to premises in Noarlunga during 1995

2000s- Club maintains its presence as a solo club but struggles to pull through with wins and slips through the ranks on-field

2009- Relegated to Div 6 after a horrible season the previous year

2011- Kenilworth makes a comeback, winning the D6 flag

2013- Kenilworth claims the D5 flag


Named after characters in Sir Walter Scott's novel, Kenilworth, it is the second oldest club in SAAFL today.