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For the past ten years, Kenilworth Football Club has been home to a girls AFL program and with the formation of our women's team in 2018, we are proud to be a staunch supporter of building a female presence on the football field. To progress the representation of females in football, we aim to continue building our Senior Women and Junior Female teams well into the future with hopes of truly embodying diversity and equality. 


During our Senior Women's lifespan at Kenilworth, they have played in successive Grand Finals, progressing from Division 5 to Division 3 in 2020.

Under the guidance of Senior Women's coach, Geoff Farrugia, it is the goal for the 2022 season to continue nurturing the team's bond, building and harnessing skills, honing fitness, and promoting confidence and drive at an individual and collective level.


And while we take football seriously, we also want our players to have fun and give it a go. In doing this, Kenilworth aims to promote a diverse, female-friendly environment to continue to encourage the growth of women's AFL.

In promoting an environment that fosters fun, friendship, family and community our facilities have been updated with separate male and female change rooms and bathrooms which reflect compliance with all AFL specifications and make our club one of the best in the state with the largest oval in the local footy league and some of the newest facilities too.

We pride ourselves in being able to create an environment that makes our players and family feel at home, and also has them coming back year in and year out.



Although we aspire to keep costs down for players as much as possible, the running costs of football clubs are always extensive and to that end, subs are an important component of playing AFL as they help to keep all aspects, on and off the field, running. While the club incurs most expenses, subs alleviate some of the costs which go toward match day, field upkeep, equipment, cleaning, maintenance, trainers, staff etc. 

As the saying goes, 'money doesn't grow on trees'.

As such, we value players contributing back into the club and the sport, through the payment of subs.


Subscriptions Fees 

$300 per Player 

$260 if fees are paid by first round

$200 for students*

*Must provide evidence

Registration fee to SANFL is $20 for all Seniors

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