Catering to players of all abilities and field sides, Kenilworth Football Club is home to a range of stellar female and male players across ages, from juniors to seniors through SANFL, to SANFL Inclusive League and the AFL Masters (Over 35 competition).

In building diversity and inclusivity, we welcome everyone who may have an interest in playing or joining our family-friendly club.


While 2020 was a year that shook the world as we knew it, presenting unforeseen circumstances and new challenges, as a club, we banded together in the face of adversity and pulled through with a strong season.

This is thanks to the individual and collective effort and resilience that everyone showed, from our players to our coaches, to our staff, our volunteers, our supporters and everyone in between.

Kenilworth Football Club is everything because of all those who make us and for you all, we are thankful.

With that said, we set our sights to 2021 with a continued commitment to growing, building and winning with the aim to further foster our philosophy:

'One Club, One Family'


-Kenilworth Football Club Committee

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