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Welcome to our very own Kookas Groups page!!

This is a members only area, created to build our community and home of the Kookas beyond social media.

In using our group forums know that you are consenting to abide by an online code of conduct, please be mindful of manners and respect the rules of the page.


1) No illegal, offensive or harmful posts, links or images (this includes racism, abuse, and bullying of any sort).

2) Be respectful of all other members at all times.

3) Do not share private information on open forums, including personal information of others as we cannot protect such information against misuse.

4) Do not post unsolicited sales material or links to material known to be false, inaccurate, spam or an infringement on copyright.


You are personally responsible for anything you post and for the content of your messages, and in posting are agreeing to be accountable for such.

In assuming members are adults, Kenilworth Football Club takes no responsibility for your conduct should you not follow the rules or misuse this space for sharing. For serious breeches of the rules, we may delete comments or close membership if necessary.

Members must be over 18 years old.

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